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Tonight I was cleaning out one of my closets because Curtis’ cousin Morgan is coming to live with us for awhile. I found a note Curtis had written me. “Mom, don’t forget your salad and shrimp 🙂 love Curtis
I was constantly forgetting to take my lunch even though I had spent the time making it the night before. Curtis would leave notes right on top of my purse to make sure I didn’t forget.
Friends and family were very important to Curtis. I wonder how many times he was able to help salvage relationships between friends and even family. I know he left our family a huge gift. He was able to forgive people and show the rest of us how to forgive. Sometimes he left us no choice! Thank goodness because I can be very stubborn. I guess Curtis showed me what really matters… friends and family, they’re worth the risk.
Thank you Anthony for caring. It does make a difference.

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