The Best Times are Always the Simple Ones

Posted on 19. Mar, 2010 by in Memories

Nothing too deep today, just a fond memory. (Perhaps, in an entirely heterosexual way, the fondest of all).

I remember sitting out in front of Curtis’s house cracking open coconuts some time ago. How long ago exactly, I really can’t say.

But I remember it pretty vividly, and I don’t know why. We were just bored one day, bored out of our minds in “Cape Coma” as the youngins call it ;).

We decided to go back behind his house, and possibly his neighbor’s as well (what else is new right? lol), grab fallen coconuts, crack them open, and eat the flesh/drink the water (coconut “water” is actually what we find in coconuts, not “milk” which is a product).

No particular reason. We both liked coconuts, but weren’t crazy about them. We just decided to grab coconuts, and eat them, out of sheer boredom!

It was somehow invigorating then – I suspect due to the hands on work required that is so foreign to my generation today- and highly amusing now. Two kids with nothing better to do than eat coconuts on a hot summer day…

I don’t even remember how we opened them exactly, but I do remember it being a major pain in the butt – far harder than either of us anticipated on the top of his driveway.

The coconut “meat” itself was delicious, the water, ehh, not so bad, not so good, just OK.

This of course, doesn’t apply to the coconut water we spilled all over ourselves in the process of cracking open coconuts on a driveway/with a hatchet of some kind.

I might even remember his dad laughing at us… wondering what the hell we were doing cracking open coconuts on his driveway at high noon. Ha!

Anyway, I wanted to point out that this, honestly, is one of the fondest memories I have of hanging out with Curtis. It was ridiculously simple, and there wasn’t any real point to eating the coconuts… but maybe that’s the point, and why most of this memory is so clear in my head, almost like a video.

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