The Day I Met Curtis Noll

Posted on 08. Apr, 2010 by in Memories, SWFLA

Surprise, you can bet your butt it was a day I’ll never forget!

I had recently met Nick Howard on the school bus during our first day at Fort Myers High School (it’s scary how long ago that was, and how fast time has passed!). So this was …  early September of 2002 I believe.

Nick and I were both into boats, and water sports, so naturally we started talking about this commonality – while simultaneously being terrified of going to ‘high school’ for our first time. Eventually we discovered we both owned boats, and soon after decided to take one of them out for a spin to do some wake boarding.

At some point Nick mentioned something along the lines of bringing his “crazy friend Curtis” (don’t quote me on that). And sure enough we all ended up going wake boarding in my boat, and having a great time. Not surprisingly, Curtis was many times better than myself at the sport, and probably 2-3x better than Nick =P.

That wasn’t exactly how I met Curtis though. I met him just before going out on the boat where we more or less ‘hung out’ for the first time. He and Nick had come to my house – perhaps to bring me to Nick’s house to check out the wake boards – and Curtis had pulled into my driveway rather fast.

What made the next 60 seconds interesting was two fold.

One: Curtis being young, and wanting to speed in his green Mustang (age perhaps being irrelevant now that I think about it).

Two: The street my house was on, was under heavy construction. Essentially, all of the asphault had been torn up and was in the mean time dirt/small rocks.

These two factors, in conjunction, created one of the most frightening car rides of my life. We didn’t go that fast of course, but with Curtis and Nick manically laughing their heads off, dirt flying everywhere, and the car swerving everywhere … well, you get the picture (and I was barely 14 no less).

In any case, once he pulled onto El Dorado he toned it down a bit as it was all in good fun.

However, the last thing I remember, and never forgot, was this song (maybe not safe for work) that started playing in his car.

Now, this may be news to some, but I am for the most part musically and culturally ‘ignorant’ for lack of a better term. In light of this, I never knew who sang this song, or what the title of the song was (thanks to Caity Kauffman for the find), BUT, I knew it sounded really cool in Curtis’s Mustang with his after-market sub-woofers.

What’s interesting is that for years, and years, and years, this was virtually the only song I requested Curtis play in his car.

All sorts of people would request all sorts of music in the Curtismobile, but I always asked “Hey man, can you play that BOOOM AND THE AMPLIFIERS song?”

Never once did he mention the title HA!

He would just play it if he had the CD with him, or if he didn’t, I was SOL.

Fun times, fun goofy music.

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  1. Martin says:

    You guys both stink at this game. There is only one song that any batter could psblisoy have for their walk-up song: Eye of the Tiger. It couldn’t psblisoy get any better than that!

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