Adventures w/Curtis

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So Curtis,

I was trying to think of all the funny memories we had but there are to many. Just the other day I drove past Estero BLVD out in Ft. Myers beach by the bridge and it brought back the memory of when you sank your jeep into the sand and the tow truck would not come out. That was a great night, you made a lot of us laugh 🙂 (your dad wasn’t very happy) but we all have one more “Curtis” moment!
Let’s see…. I remember the first day I drove YOU around (that was scary). The first time I let you listen to Suave Smooth. (HAHAHA). Going to get ice scream and you driving super fast! The night you got mad at me and Chelsey and you left us at 7 eleven…then came back. Going to Mike Jo’s house and you imitating will smith (Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode) The Hurricane Charley FUND….??

Some of those memories are funny but I did spend alot of time with you and I will never forget it! Some of my best times were in my Junior year. That’s when I met you and when I found the funnest person to be around. I remember you told me to leave school after my exams and you talked me into jet-skiing with you all the way to SANIBEL!!!!

I always keep you in my mind, I still can’t believe you are really gone. You were a great friend and more! I will always miss you!

Miss you tons! I hope your not causing to much trouble up there!

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