WWCD: What Would Curtis Do?

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about Curtis for this website. I’ve thought about it pretty frequently since my last post in April – as Curtis crosses my mind in some way nearly every day – but I have not taken the time to sit down and write something up.

So here I am.

Today’s title: What Would Curtis Do?

Today’s topic, nearly one in the same as the title, under the light of life experiences since my last posting here. And just what has been happening in my life since?

A whole lot actually. Good, not so good, and everywhere in between. I’ve been through thick and thin basically, probably like a lot of other people reading this. And by “thick and thin”, I mean both as a direct result of my decisions and chosen path in life, as well as with events and circumstances entirely out of my control.

An example of the former would be the business I run, and have chosen to devote myself fully to – including the ‘temporary’ postponement of college.

An example of the latter would be my 91 year old grandmother and her short time left on this Earth (she’s ill, and I don’t believe she’ll be around much longer in her current condition).

While these two examples differ dramatically in source – one is within my sphere of influence and the other is not – I guide myself through both types of experiences with the same guiding principle: WWCD.

What Would Curtis Do.

Surprisingly enough, this is more of an eupehmism than anything else, because my answer to the question is always the same: Curtis would do what he decides is right, at all costs.

Of all things unique and remarkable about Curtis, this was perhaps one of the greatest – his inflexiblity with regards to “right action”, at an incredibly young age.

This by no means made Curtis a perfect, infallible person, far from it in fact – but there is perfection in imperfection, and Curtis is the ideal man for this expression.

As far my memory serves me, Curtis never compromised for his highest value, his most important virtue – to do what is right, by his own judgement, at all times, and in all ways.

In an age increasingly saturated with compromise, hypocrisy, contradiction, ambiguity, and other words synonymous with politically correct nonsense, this was indeed the rare trait of an even rarer man – a trait that many of us deeply respected and admired, not unlike Curtis himself – knowingly or unknowingly.

Which leaves me to wonder why exactly Curtis is missed so much, by so many. Obviously, it’s tragic a bright young man with an even brighter future died of cancer, both for his immense amount of friends, and of course, his immediate and extended family.

But what I’m getting at is a whole lot different – that deep down, Curtis is missed so much by many because we (conciously or unconsciously), recognized that Curtis was an extremley rare breed of man.

The kind of man who was extremely independent, had a disdain for arbitrary authority, and an even greater disdain for blind obedience – and above all, always acted upon what he decided was the right course of action, for himself, his family, and his friends – even if others overwhelmingly disagreed with his decisions.

While once praised, these traits have been progressively shunned into oblivion over the past few decades, leaving me to wonder how much we miss not only the young man Curtis Noll, but what he stood for as well.

What he expressed so vividly in his short life, that he woke up every day to live fully and completely.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I was thinking about Curtis today, as I do often. Not only is he so unique to me because he’s the only close friend I’ve lost, but that he’s the ONLY individual I’ve known to be so set in his ways& to do What [only] Curtis Does. This post brought a smile to my face&heart even though I was upset; this is what Curtis Noll would want. <3 I love you, Curtis. You made more people happy than you did mad, believe it or not;-) especially by showing us youngsters how to execute flawless donuts on (not-so-lovely) golf courses for the sake of winning!

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