Why I Host Cayo Costa

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This is a repost from my personal blog, The Dream Lounge, made earlier today.

For four years in a row I have hosted The 21 Convention. Many have helped along the way, but no one has been the spear head aside from myself.

I have bared the weight of my own creation – and carried it on my own terms every step of the way.

Similarly, I have hosted a camping trip to Cayo Costa for four years in a row – but I was not always the spear head of it.

My former best friend Curtis Noll was the first year, 2007.

He died shortly before the second trip was to be held. The last question I ever asked him was whether or not he wished to continue it – he did.

And I have.

But, it is one act to carry on a camping trip an additional year in the memory of a friend’s last wish – it is entirely another to continue it multiple years beyond that.

This fourth trip I thought long and hard about why I continue, since planning the trip consumes a good deal of my time and effort – two things I value very much.

My conclusion is not conventional. I do not host the trip for my friends, nor do I host it for Curtis any more.

I do it for my own self and my own desire – the desire to right a wrong, in and of itself.

That wrong was the death of Curtis. He was not meant to die that early. Finally realizing this – and the reason behind it – nearly brought me to tears yesterday

Curtis was not meant to die for a number of reasons, but chief among them was because he was an Atlas.

And the great tragedy is not the loss for the rest of us – a man who bared the weight of many world’s on his shoulders to our benefit – but the loss was his own.

Curtis was well on his way to reaching life’s potential and man’s true nature. Every minute of his life that I knew him, was an expression of this extraordinarily rare path.

The first Cayo Costa camping trip was the peak expression of this path before his death. It was a prelude to achievements of his that never had time to manifest – time that was robbed from him by force of disease.

Continuing the trip beyond his last expectation honors Curtis in the best way I know how, and the greatness that awaited him.

In essence, it rights the wrong of a tragic robbery.

Tragic for reasons already mentioned, in addition to the fact that now is the time more than ever that we need men like Curtis to rise to the challenge of supporting an incredible weight, voluntarily, and for their own reasons.

Men who speak and act in their own way, and on their own terms — in spite of those who would have them compromise.

Men of integrity.

Men like Curtis.


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